Katie Hoyt


Hello, my name is Katie Hoyt and i’m 30 yrs old born in Baltimore, but raised right here in York PA. I have been into fitness and exercising my whole life. I played sports younger in life, and  started dance when I was 12 yrs old. It was then that I knew music and fitness was my life.


I currently work at MediaOnePa and have been there for 2 years as a Media Sales Manager. I enjoy my job very much because it gives the opportunity to connect with many people daily. Before MediaOnePa I was doing lots of odd end jobs trying to figure out a career path, and this is what lead me to Zumba.


I’ve been teaching dance since 2001 in all different styles and have taught all over PA doing workshops and choreography for many high school aged kids around PA as well as College age at Millersville University, and continue to teach competition and Adult classes today. Because dance was my passion and instructing came easy to me, as well as my love of going to the gym, I decided to become Zumba certified in June of 2011.


Zumba lead me to meet many new faces and friends I currently have today. It’s great to have fun, workout and sweat at the same time. I don’t teach as much as I would like, but with my full time career, and having many injuries from dance I teach as much as I can, which is what brought me to Body Rhythms. Everyone at this studio is like a second family, and has been so nice to work with!


Recently, I became certified in PiYo (Pilates and Yoga), which has helped me build muscles I forgot about, and with it being lower impact helped with my previous injuries.I currently teach PiYo through Beachbody, and enjoy being a Beachbody coach as well.


I’m glad to be apart of the Body Rhythms crew, and hope to see you in my classes! Be ready to sweat, laugh, and feel great, with me as your instructor!



1. I’m an Aunt 9 times

2. I played the drums for 15+ yrs

3. I love Haribo Gummi bears, Marshmallows, and really any candy

4. I’m a certified Beach Bum (so people say)

5. There is a 17 yr age gap between my oldest sister and I ( I have 3 sisters)

6. I have been in 3 different continents

7. My parents names are Dick and Jane (no for real)

8. I’ve had over 15+ roommates, and have lived in 11 different places

9. My favorite movie is either Nightmare Before Christmas or The Breakfast Club

10. I’m a huge science nerd!