Aside from Zumba we also offer two types of yoga.

Move. Breathe. Sweat. Connect.

You will learn a sequence of postures and flowing movements to increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance of body, mind and spirit.  Classes are designed to accommodate all levels of yoga experience from beginner to seasoned practitioner.  Modifications and variations will be shown to either increase or decrease the intensity of the practice to tailor it to your particular needs.  Classes will end with reclined relaxation time.

Breathe. Relax. Restore. 

This class is designed to help release stress, tension, anxiety and pain that has become trapped in your body, mind and spirit. Class will begin with gently flowing standing sequences to increase circulation and warm the body.  Next, we will move to the floor for some long, deep holds in seated postures to locate and release tension.  Class will end with reclined stretches, restorative postures and relaxation time giving you the opportunity to let go of the stresses and tensions of your day.  Please bring 2 firm blankets. Blocks and straps are optional.